Client case studies

Acne Expert Skincare
The Acne Expert Skincare team had been getting good results with another advertising agency, but weren't satisfied with the speed of scaling their revenue. We performed in-depth customer research to identify their most profitable customer personas, then rebuilt their advertising to target these demographics and psychographics specifically.
El Guapo Bitters
The El Guapo Bitters team had been struggling to grow their revenue. We performed in-depth research and re-structured their advertising campaigns to better zero-in on customers who had the highest likelihood of converting. Revenue soared.
Ciele Athletics
The Ciele Athletics team was disappointed with their ROI from paid social. We put rigorous A/B testing in place, began using highly segmented audience targeting, and were able to scale their advertising profitably.
BEX Sunglasses
We started working together when BEX was tired of seeing poor ROI from their digital advertising campaigns. By performing a rigorous customer research process and then targeting their new high-LTV customer personas, we were able to identify and convert highly profitable online audiences.